Technology in the Classroom 

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This course focuses on Technology in the Classroom.  The lessons that follow are grounded in the idea that technology is best used to support and empower good teaching practices; technology itself is not “good teaching.”  If you have already explored other TeachArgument PD courses (e.g. the neuroscience of learning, game-based learning, and student-centered instruction), you will find yourself equipped with a variety of new lenses to utilize when evaluating which digital tool to bring into your classroom.

The first lesson in this course (Tech: Part One) contains a “video module” that must be completed before the lesson can be marked completed.  The subsequent modules (Tech: Parts Two through Six) are text-based, and contain descriptions of digital tools that have been curated and categorized for this course.  You will have the opportunity to review these awesome tools, and to consider how they might best meet the needs of your classroom.

Additional resources are often included, such as links to digital tool tutorials that promise to get you “up and running” in no time at all.

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