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The best English teacher resource on the web just got even better

The updates to the TeachArgument Community are so good, it doesn't make sense not to join.

“Thank you so much for these resources.  They've completely changed the way I teach argument to my students. Best of all, they're always asking for more." - Mary D., 11th Grade English, FL

We believe in the power of student engagement

We understand that engagement is at the foundation of student learning, and that teachers crave practical resources.

Every resource that we create is designed to put the power of student engagement at your fingertips.

The Perks of Membership

The TeachArgument Team is continuously developing new resources for its members, ranging from new pop culture lesson plans (there's never a shortage of new music or political speeches to fuel that fire) to cutting edge professional learning experiences.

It's our goal to put the most engaging resources for teaching argument, rhetorical analysis, and close reading at your fingertips.  Our resources empower you to engage your students, to maximize learning, and to save time!

Join now, save a tremendous amount of time and money, and reap the benefits of membership all year long!

“Thank you for all of these great lessons!  Joining the community has been a game changer this year.”

Mandy B. - High School English Teacher

Pop Culture Lesson Vault

Over $400 worth of resources that teach argument, rhetorical analysis, and close reading with pop culture.

Members Only Resources

Exclusive resources that aren't available for sale anywhere else, including video analyses of iconic songs and a four-part lesson series on "Introducing Argument."

Teacher Fuel PD

All members gain access to our "How To Teach Argument" PD.  Members who register at the Passport-tier gain access to Teacher Fuel's awesome online course, Modern Mastery PD.

Pop Culture LEsson Plans

The super-engaging lesson plans that we're best known for.

Five years ago, we began crafting lesson plans that teach high level English concepts (argument, rhetorical analysis, close reading) using popular songs and music videos as texts for analysis.  

Since then, our resources have expanded to include advertisements, commercials, politics, cultural trends, and other facets of popular media.  These lessons are a surefire way to make sophisticated concepts accessible for students at all levels, to bolster engagement, and to maximize learning.  Best of all, you'll save HUNDREDS of hours of lesson design!  Just print, distribute, and teach the good stuff!

Popular Music

Popular music provides us with a continuous stream of new and engaging texts to engage students in analytical thinking.


From the presidential campaign trail to popular trends like fidget spinners and video games. These resources ensure that you'll hook your students every time.


What more authentic opportunity for rhetorical analysis than the millions of dollars poured into advertisements?  And best of all, Super Bowl commercials!

“I love using your activities for teaching argument in my AP classes.  My students enjoy them so much.”

Allison G.

High School English Teacher

Get started today.

The sooner you join the TeachArgument Community, the sooner you and your students will get to put all of our engaging resources to work!  Maximize engagement, heighten learning, and save time!  The time to join is now! 

The "Introducing Argument" Series

Wondering how to best introduce argument?

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    This members-only resource is comprised of a four-part introductory lesson series.  Introduce argument, rhetorical devices, close reading, and synthesis!
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    Each of these introductory lessons utilize popular Disney excerpts (songs, monologues) as core texts -- plus, exclusive access to rhetorical analysis videos that model the kind of critical thinking we want students to engage in!

Core Argument Lessons & Games

Everything you need to teach and engage.

Our Core Argument resources hone in on the nitty gritty areas, including logical fallacies, tropes & schemes, counterargument, and more.  These premium-quality resources were designed to engage, and to bolster learning.

Likewise, our Game-Based resources make good on the tenets of game-based learning to motivate student participation while delivering high level instruction.  Your kiddos will be begging for more.

Teacher Fuel PD

Modern PD for Modern Educators

Bring Your Pedagogy to the Cutting Edge 

We partnered with TeacherFuel.com to develop an online professional development experience that focuses on student centered learningthe neuroscience of student engagementgame-based learning, and technology integration

Whether you're looking to supercharge your instruction, to inspire your practice, or to get to the cutting edge of modern pedagogy, you will absolutely love TeacherFuel.com's Modern Mastery PD course.  

(*Passport members of the TeachArgument Community receive FULL access to this course.)

I just finished the neuro portion of the course and I'm astounded that information isn't being shouted from the mountaintops.  This course has already made me a better teacher.  Thank you so much for the resources.  This stuff really should be compulsory learning for teachers everywhere.

Jeremy J.

Teacher, New Jersey

About TeachArgument

The TeachArgument Team

Our journey began in 2014 when TeachArgument first came to life.  We have since served thousands of educators with world class instructional resources, including lesson plans, curriculum, and professional development opportunities.  

We've also been able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of resources back to the brilliant educators who are truly responsible for molding the young minds that will soon be running the world.

Check out TeachArgument.com to learn more about our roots, and to explore all of the products that you'll receive instant access to as a member of the TeachArgument Community!

Join the TeachArgument Community!

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Jump from the window of English into the crisp pool that is our community.

It was TeachArgument's original mission to help good teachers become rockstars -- but what actually transpired is a little different.  It seems that the majority of teachers who are drawn to TeachArgument, who utilize our lessons, who send us emails looking for additional resources, and who often point is in new, innovative directions -- are already rockstars.

This is our effort to take that mission to the next level -- to harness the power of our community, to create a rich space for English educators (like YOU) to share best practices with one another, and to provide an exclusive group of teacher-rockstars a constant stream of premium resources.

The sooner you sign up, the greater the value you're sure to glean from our resources, our community, and all of the perks that membership entails.  So what are you waiting for?  Carpe diem, and join now!


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