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What are the benefits of joining the TeachArgument Community?

Exclusive Access

Members enjoy EXCLUSIVE access to a library of rhetorical analysis videos that unpack iconic songs, and EXCLUSIVE access to our "Introducing Argument" lesson series.  These resources are rocket-fuel for English teachers!

Premium Resources

Gain instant access to a boatload of premium resources, including every TeachArgument  pop culture lesson plan ever created.  Members have unrestricted access to our ever-growing pop culture archive.


Gain full access to our popular "How To Teach Argument" PD course.  Passport members also receive access to Teacher Fuel's online course, "Modern Mastery PD."  Join the most robust English teacher PLN on earth!

Save Time

Save countless hours of your time.  Draw from our library of super engaging resources to hook your students every day.  No need to pour hours into developing the materials, handouts, and lesson ideas -- we've done that for you!


Who we are   |   What we are   |   Why we are

Jump from the window of English into the crisp pool that is TeachArgument.

Since its inception, TeachArgument has given hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of resources away to passionate English educators all of the world.  If you are reading this, it's very likely that you are one of the thousands of teachers who've stumbled upon, and hopefully made good use of, our stuff!

It was TeachArgument's original mission to help good teachers become rockstars -- but what actually transpired is a little different.  It seems that the majority of teachers who are drawn to TeachArgument, who utilize our lessons, who send us emails looking for additional resources, and who often point is in new, innovative directions -- are already rockstars.

This is our effort to take that mission to the next level -- to harness the power of our community, to create a rich space for English educators (like YOU) to share best practices with one another, and to provide an exclusive group of teacher-rockstars a constant stream of premium resources.

The sooner you sign up, the greater the value you're sure to glean from our resources, our community, and all of the perks that membership entails.  So, what are you waiting for?  Carpe diem, and join now!


The TeachArgument Community is a robust English education think-tank, thanks to the brilliant and educators that it is comprised of!  Meet some of our members below!

Daniel Hayes

AP Lang & Comp Teacher, FL

"I like to discuss books, ponder the metaphorical resonance of waves crashing, wear monocles, and other  things associated with English teachers."

Amanda Cardenas

ELA & Creative Writing Teacher, IL

"Hi, everyone!  I’m a newlywed, an off-roading and camping junkie, a gym rat, and a college-published poet. Catch me on Twitter @mudandink_"

Anna Royal

AP Lang & Comp Teacher, GA

"I’ve been teaching English for 17 years. For the past 12, I’ve taught AP Lang...   I also serve on the leadership team. I’ve been honored as the Star Teacher twice."


Curious to hear what our teachers are saying about TeachArgument?  We thought you'd never ask!

Karly C.

English Teacher

I am new to teaching AP Language this year. As a third year teacher, I have been extremely overwhelmed… Can I say that I am so thrilled to have found you! I just finished watching the Adele Rhetorical Analysis video, which is awesome. Thank you for all that you do!

David V.

English Teacher

I’m a happy customer of the Deluxe English Teacher FunBox, and I like to keep up with what you guys are offering. For the record, I obsessively craft my own stuff, and you guys are literally the only lesson plans I’ve ever shelled out cash for. You are the only ones creating kick-ass stuff.

Dana H.

English Teacher

I just wanted to let you guys know how valuable your work has been for me. The materials you post are worth their weight in gold. Not sure how often you receive messages like this, but I think I speak for every English teacher on your site when I say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Beth R.

English Teacher

These resources are FABULOUS.   I have used nearly every lesson in my classroom and the classroom conversation around each topic has been awesome.  I feel like TeachArgument is one of the best kept secrets in English teacher circles.  Keep them coming, and thank you for everything!

To pay with a PO, or to request more information about group rates and in-district PD, click here!


Our most affordable option with the most popular perks!


49 now

then $9/mo

  • Entire pop culture lesson archive
  • All newly released resources
  • Exclusive video analyses and "Introducing Argument" lesson series
  • Save $400+

Exactly like our monthly plan, but costs 37% less!


99 now

then $99/year

  • Entire pop culture lesson archive
  • All newly released resources
  • Exclusive video analyses and "Introducing Argument" lesson series
  • Even bigger savings!

Includes an all-access pass to our full suite of English teacher PD!


999 now

then $999/year

  • Entire pop culture lesson archive 
  • All newly released resources
  • Exclusive video analyses and "Introducing Argument" lesson series
  • All bonus "PLUS" resources
  • Full access to our suite of online English teacher PD
  • Multi-class access (up to 150 students) to LearnArgument!

Supercharge your building with an Annual site license!




  • Access to ALL "Annual" perks and resources
  • Access for every teacher in your school
  • Significant group savings!

Modern PD to inspire professional growth for teachers and leaders!




  • Access to ALL "Annual Plus" perks and resources
  • Includes full access to TeachFuel PD
  • Significant group savings!